About Us

Advantages of Server Rental in BangaloreSince 2000 - We have been providing servers on monthly rentals in Bangalore location. We have huge inventory of Servers, Routers, Firewalls, and other IT infra products and can cater to your immediate requirement.

When you rent a server, you pay monthly fee and We're responsible for setting up and maintaining the hardware for your server.  Our expert team can suggest you the right kind of configuration and pricing to suit your budget.

In rental model you can scale up or scale down the server configuration to suit your requirements and budget.

Advantages :
1. No one time investment - Only monthly rentals
2. Upgrade / downgrade server configuration any number of times to suit your requirements.
3. The Maintenance / servicing / AMC of server is very expensive and in rental model it is our responsibility.
4. Average server life span is 4 years and in rental model you can keep changing to newer model

No need of huge investment on High-end servers for your start-ups in Bangalore. Server Rental offers leading brands like HP, DELL, and IBM server rental in Bangalore for your Enterprise. Our custom plan are now available for weekly/monthly/ yearly packages at Bangalore to offer services to your growing business.